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Save Time + Gain Prospect Intelligence

Zealr is a machine learning platform sales tool

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Time WELL Spent

Zealr is an all-in-one machine learning messaging sales tool built that enables you to send one message through multiple message channels to multiple prospects.


Send a message through multiple channels with one click.

  • LinkedIn InMail
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter Direct Message
  • Instagram
  • SMS
  • Mail

(Additional integrations are in development).


Zealr will summarize and record the message as a activity within your CRM.

  • You can have the option to export your data into a CSV file.


Track messages going to and from your prospects to understand true engagements.

  • Message dialogue
  • Channel response rate
  • Prospect Engagements



Simple custom notifications to alert you when a prospect engages or not engages.


Zealr will learn and recommend the best message platform to send a message to each one of your connected contacts.


Zealr will also learn and recommend the most relevant content to your connections.

Our Team

Craig Conlee

Founder & Chief

Craig Conlee is solving a real sales & marketing problem. He had built Zealr out of his frustration being constantly pulled away from his core sales responsibilities. Craig has over 19 years of experience in software sales with IBM, HP, TIBCO and others. Craig has been Formula 1 enthusiast since 4 years old and adores craft beer. He had graduated from University of California at Berkeley. He resides in Orange County, CA with his wife, two boys, and amazing step-daughter.