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Growing a sustainable business requires a solid understanding of how to keep customers.  After all, a smart way to grow your business is to not lose customers.

New customers are great but, loyal customers bring their friends’ and family’s business.

Take some advice from good ole Walt Disney, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it agin and bring their friends.”

Here we’ve come up with our top 5 proactive tips to ensure customer retention:

Figure out why your customers or clients are leaving in first place:

It’s difficult to fix a problem you don’t understand. Ask for constructive feedback and welcome it! This will help show your customers you value them.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” -Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

Focus on creating a memorable experience, communication can not stop after the sale!

Scott Britton’s Business Development Playbook says it best, people do things for people they like. Don’t overlook the importance of developing a relationship. Take detailed notes about your customers, provide useful information, and personalize your communications.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” -Jeff Bezos, CEO of

Create a simple purchasing process.

We all have busy lives. While it may not seem like much, people appreciate you saving them time.

“One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” -Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

Stay in front of your customer on a regular basis.

You can use marketing automated tools to stay in touch with your customers. Educate them or send discounts. These regular touches help keep you on their mind.

“Be everywhere, do everything, and never fail to astonish the customer.” -Macy’s Motto

​Last, but definitely not least. Take care of your EMPLOYEES.

​Your employees are your competitive advantage. Happy employees create magic. They are more productive and tend to go the extra mile. Make the changes necessary to improve employee satisfaction.

“Always do more than is required of you.” -George Patton, Former General of the United States Army

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” -Roger Staubach, Super Bowl VI MVP

There’s a lot of other ideas out there and we’d love to hear yours! Tweet, comment, share, and tell us what your customer retention tactics are!